Clear acrylic computer case MATX

MATX 360 Computer Case

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The TOMA MATX 360 case is constructed of 1/4" thick clear acrylic, to showcase all of the components in your microATX build! Features include:

  • Numerous possibilities in mounting storage devices such as 3.5" HDDs, 2.5" SSDs, and a 5.25" device, depending on arrangement.
  • Optional power switch: illuminates when the computer is powered on.
  • Optional reset switch: illuminates to indicate HDD access.
  • Optional front ports: two USB 3.0 ports, USB Type C port.
  • Water-cooling support: room for three 120mm exhaust fans on the top of the case (or two 140mm fans, optionally).
  • Support for two 120mm fans on the front of the case (or optional 140mm).
  • Support for one 120mm fan on the back of the case.
  • Front and back fan holes are completely open for maximum airflow, but can be customized with optional grills and/or filters.
  • Power supply support: full sized, with large opening on bottom of case for airflow.
  • Video card support: full sized.
  • Completely modular design, allowing different panels to be swapped in to change finishes, cut-outs, mounting holes, and more.
  • Apx. dimensions: 279 mm wide face, 360 mm tall, 437 mm deep front-to-back (11" wide by 14-3/16" tall by 17-3/16" deep).

All TOMA cases are completely customizable - just contact us to customize your case before placing an order! Any deletions (such as removing the opening for a 5.25" drive) are free of charge. Additions and modifications are at a minimal charge. If you want a completely custom case built from the ground up, we can do that, too!

Optional upgrade examples:

  • Choice of acrylics, such as clear, non-glare, frosted, smoked, mirrored, solid colors, translucent colors, and transparent colors.
  • Custom etched graphics on any part of the case.
  • Custom cuts, mounting holes, fan holes, and grills.
  • Custom accessories, such as fasteners, switches, LED colors, ports, grills, and filters.

Our cases are completely designed from scratch in Georgia, USA, and are cut in-house. Cases are made to order, with a normal lead time of about 10 days before shipping. Custom products may take slightly longer.

The fine print: The pictured case may include optional upgrades, such as custom grills. Computer components (motherboard, video card, etc.) are not included. We are constantly improving our designs, so the case you receive may differ slightly from the product photos.